The Parallel Escalator

June 15th, 2010  |  Published in Automation and Control

The most seen and common escalator is the parallel escalator. These escalators is seen everywhere from shopping centers to hospitals. What are parallel escalators you might ask? These are two escalators next to each other or maybe a small distance apart. The one goes upwards and the other goes downwards. They are installed parallel to each other. Another similar type is the multiple parallel escalators. The escalators are also installed parallel to each other but now there are three to four escalators going upwards and the same amount going downwards. Something that works better for the multiple parallel escalators are when it can change direction. This is helpful because sometimes there is more people moving in one direction than the other.

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Buy Husky Air Compressors

June 14th, 2010  |  Published in Air Compressors and Generators

One of the best brands you can buy for around the home or at work is a husky air compressor. There are a few reasons why this compressor is considered the best. The company that makes them is very reliable and have a solid reputation.  The brand is also sold by leading retailers. A husky air compressor comes in a variety of products. Whatever you need, there will be a product that you can use.  Lastly the air compressors you need is very easily available. Not only the compressor but parts as well. This will make everything a lot easier. For home use you can get the following. Pancake compressors designed for basic work like inflating, finish nailing, and stapling to tanks with enough gusto to fire up sanders, drills, wrenches, nailers, ratchets, and sprayers. At work the portable air compressors let you wheel or hand carry them from site to site, even ground to rooftop. Whatever jobs you need to get done, Husky can help you do it.

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PLC Center – Buys, Sells and Repair

June 4th, 2010  |  Published in Electrical Equipment

Radwell PLC Center was also known as Speck Industrial Controls about 30 years ago but now known as Radwell International. They have been leading the market ever since offering a variety of services, like selling, buying, or repairing PLC’s.  Radwell is also big recycling.

With the options of selling your old PLC, buying a new one or just have PLC Center repair yours, the decision is yours, they as well as buy and sell surplus industrial automation equipment needed by manufacturing plants.  A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an electronically piece equipment designed to read digital and analogue inputs from various sensors.

So if you want sell your PLC, buy a new one or repair your PLC, let the specialized technicians and staff offer you their great service at PLC Center.

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The Uses for Co2 Cylinders

June 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Industry General

There are quite a number of different uses for Co2 Cylinders. But first of all, what is a Co2 Cylinder well, its compressed gas cylinders containing carbon dioxide.

Uses for Co2 Cylinders:

  • They are used in the beverage industry such as soda machines, ciders, lagers, dispensing beers, stouts and other carbonated soft drinks.
  • In fresh water planted tanks at aquariums and as calcium reactors for salt water tanks.
  • Co2 tanks and canisters are used to grow plant in domes and greenhouses called hydroponic.
  • Co2 cylinders are used for paintball. A siphon tube is needed for paintball when refilling the gun.

These cylinder tanks can be refilled and it’s more cost effective than buying a new one. Caution should always be taken when refilling Co2 cylinders so remember to read the instructions.

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Limitorque Is A Name You Can Trust

June 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Automation and Control, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industrial Equipment

For more than 50 years Limitorque actuators have been used very efficiently in all dampers and valve type of applications. These actuators are found being used in large industries such as chemical refinery plants, oil rigs and even electrical power station plants. These series of valves that are available in manual or electrically operated. These types of actuators are still used manually as well with current. The Limitorque electric actuator runs mostly off DC and is used in all heavy duty industrial type applications. A Limitorque actuator forms an essentially vital role in controlling flow systems. The Limitorque Corporation is well respected in the industry and the Limtorque products are both reliable and good value for money.

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Maintain Your Antique Road Grader Properly

June 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Heavy Equipment, Industrial Equipment

Road construction machines such as the antique road grader are usually used to excavate and make finishing touches in earth surfaces such as roads where pavement is to be laid. Since this equipment usually lasts for 12 to 15 years, extra caution needs to be observed to keep them in good condition and for them to maintain their quality. Prior to making a purchase of a road grader, it is important to clearly understand the nature of work that will be done and the amount of dirt or earth that will be moved. For construction projects that are small such as a one acre plot, then an ideal antique road grader should have between 90 to 150 horsepower.

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A Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Cleans Almost Any Surface

June 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Industrial Equipment

Using a pressure washer surface cleaner is very beneficial and there are a number of different options, most people use a wand pressure cleaner. It’s a very handy piece of equipment to have around the house or business.

Since a pressure washer surface cleaner can be used for residential and commercial purposes because they can nearly clean any surface like driveways, concrete, floors, parking lots, roofs, boat decks, and more and can remove deposits like mass, algae, fuel, oil and grease.

Spinning in a counter clockwise direction at high RPMs they allow you to do the job faster saving you time and money. So if you maybe have a surface cleaning business you should consider getting a pressure washer surface cleaner, you will be able to fit in more clients when getting the job done faster and better. Or just having it around the house would also not be a bad idea, and then you could clean whatever there is to clean with a pressure washer surface cleaner yourself.

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Your Chainsaw Mill Information Guide

June 1st, 2010  |  Published in Industrial Equipment

(Article by Gavin Cruise)
Did it ever occur to you that you could have your own lumber business through owning your own chainsaw mill?  it’s a very real possibility, as they are one of the more affordable mill options today.

Also called an Alaskan mill, a chainsaw mill is one of three main types of sawmill (The other three being the bandsaw mill and the circular sawmill).  Each of these is used for cutting large logs into planks of timber that can be used for a variety of construction purposes.

A chainsaw mill is created through use of a chainsaw.  The saw is outfitted with an attachment that features parallel rails which fit on the chainsaw’s bar.  These rails guide the saw on the wood and turn it into even planks as it cuts.  The operator can determine th depth of the plank by changing the position of the rails (They are adjustable). 

There are different sized chainsaw mills available.  Selecting the size that fits your needs is just one of many choices you’ll need to make.  This will partly depend on how big the logs are that you expect to cut.  You don’t want to use a large mill on small logs, because it becomes a challenge to achieve the results that you want. 

You can actually use one or two chainsaws for your chain saw mill. Again, this will depend on how you plan to use them.  If you intend to produce narrow logs, then a single chainsaw will work just fine.  But if you have larger logs and want to create larger planks, you’ll want to attach two chainsaws to the ends of the rails.  However, this only works well if you have two operators to do the sawing.  This cutting process will also require a special device that connects the chainsaws’ heads, allowing for a cleaner cut without harming either chainsaw. One other consideration is a portable chain saw mill, for smaller jobs.

With all sawmills, remember to always keep safety first and foremost in mind.  This means that when you’re near the saw, you should wear protective equipment such as goggles, a hard hat, gloves, steel-toe shoes, hearing protection, and leg chaps.  You would also be smart to keep a chain file with a protective handle, maintenance tools, a screwdriver with magnetic head, and of course, a first aid kit.
The chainsaw mill is actually a fun thing to own–something that many men consider both a hobby as well as a money-maker.  The best ones are simple and solid structures.  They are mobile and easily moved, which means you can cut timber wherever you find it.  Just remember that if you decide to buy one, you must do your best to keep it in top shape.  And most importantly, respect it.  That means you must recognize it as a powerful item that can either do much good for you, or it can cause you serious pain and permanent damage.  It can hurt you if you get too casual around it.


Get Stuck In With The DR Power Grader

June 1st, 2010  |  Published in Heavy Equipment, Industrial Equipment

The DR power grader is the perfect solutions for people who have trouble keeping their driveways clear of potholes or who have gravel drives which they find are constantly uneven. Normal road graders are not something that most people would be able to own; they are far too large and expensive to say the least. As well as being easy and simple to use, the power grader puts no pressure on the towing vehicle which reduces the impact of wear and tear on your own tractor or truck, the power is such that it can even be towed by any ATV vehicle such as a ride on lawn mower. The DR power grader can be attached to any normal tractor or ride on mower and is easy to use and store. For more information on the DR power grader check out this article.

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General pallet jack safety procedures

June 1st, 2010  |  Published in Industrial Equipment

The safety of your business starts with the having the right knowledge, which in this case, is the knowledge of pallet jack safety.

Once you have the knowledge, only then can you train your employees to be safer and more responsible around the equipment and workplace.

We are going to take a look at pallet jack safety procedures around the workplace – procedures that are easy to follow, straight forward and to the point. These pallet jack safety procedures will surely help you get a better understanding of why they are important for a safer working environment.

1. Only operators

The very first rule regarding pallet jack safety, is to make sure that only certified and trained employees operate the machinery. This procedure should be made clear in the workplace and you are responsible for making sure the necessary personnel has the training. Most industrial companies have their own ‘testing’ and training stations on the premises.

By restricting untrained personnel, you will, at the same time prevent any injury and/or accidents in the workplace, already creating a safer working environment.

2. Loading and capacity

When it comes to pallet jack safety, all trained personnel should adhere to the given load capacity of the machinery. Each pallet jack has a rated, maximum load capacity. Operators should not exceed any given load capacity, rather stick to the given figures. These figures are dictated by a visbile plate on the control unit.

3. A pallet jack is no taxi

And by this i mean – no riders allowed ! Make sure this pallet jack safety procedure is clearly visible in your company. make sure this is against your company policy to prevent any injury or accidents in the workplace. No operator should be allowed to lift another employee.

4. Manual operation

When encountering inclines or walls, all pallet jack operators are advised to rather push or pull their pallet jacks.

5. Spotters

Our final pallet jack safety procedure -In certain areas of your company, view may be restricted by some obstacles. In this case, make sure you get some help from a spotter to guide you into the right direction, helping you prevent accidents or injuries.

Remember, each pallet jack safety procedure is important in maintaining a good workforce, and by following these pallet jack safety tips, you will surely make your company safer, while at the same time, create a more convenient workplace atmosphere.